How to Cover Acne & Pimples Naturally using Organic Makeup


We’ve all been there. You have a giant red blemish and your first instinct is to smother it with foundation and concealer in a desperate attempt to cover it up. The problem with this tactic is it often makes the problem area more obvious.

It is possible to achieve natural coverage AND conceal blemishes. You just need the right approach and a good concealer.

Here are my top tips:

Colour match

Choose a concealer that is the same colour as your skin tone, or as close as possible. One of the most common mistakes I see is concealer that is too light.  This may cover the redness, but it will highlight the area, making it more obvious and will also show up on camera. My pick is the RMS un-cover up concealer.

Less is more

If you have a raised bump and smother it in 8 layers of foundation and a thick coating of concealer, not only are you applying coverage to areas where you don’t need it, but you will also draw more attention to the area and make it appear larger than it actually is.

Be gentle

Buffing a red, flakey area with a brush will irritate the area and may cause further infection. Using a beauty blender to pat product into your skin is a gentle way to achieve a smooth finish. This will help reduce the appearance of pores by pushing product into the skin and will flatten any flakey, dry areas.

Set the area

For long lasting coverage it’s important to set your foundation and concealer with a light layer of powder. Again, dabbing the product onto the skin will give you the most flawless finish. My favourite is the RMS un-powder.

For a full tutorial on how I conceal blemishes using organic makeup, click the video below.


***Products Used***

La Mav Organic BB Creme

La Mav Mineral Foundation Powder

RMS Beauty “un” cover-up concealer in 22

RMS Beauty “un” powder

Electric Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial | Nude by Nature


In today’s tutorial I’m using colour! Can you believe it!? I enjoyed this makeup look so much that’s it’s really given me inspiration to try to be more adventurous with my makeup. The new eyeshadow palette from Nude by Nature is stunning and I can’t wait to create more looks using the beautiful colours in the palette, I feel like it was made for me! I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I did making it.


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***Products used***

Lily Lolo Eye Primer

Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eye Palette

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

Jane Iredale Brow Gel

Inika Certified Organic Foundation

Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener

RMS beauty un-powder

Nude by Nature pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil

Nude by Nature bronzer

LUMA cosmetics highlighter

Bite Beauty high pigment pencil in Madeira

My Makeup Brush Set


Soft Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial // Lily Lolo Smoke & Mirrors Eye Palette


I love the colours in this Lily Lolo Smoke & Mirrors Palette. Perfect for soft, everyday wear. I hope you enjoy my cut crease tutorial using this gorgeous palette!


***Products used***

Lily Lolo Eye Primer

Lily Lolo Smokey & Mirrors Eye Palette

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara

W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation

Jane Iredale Active Light under eye concealer

Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer

RMS Beauty un cover up & un-powder

La Mav mineral foundation powder

Vapour Organic illusionist concealer

LUMA Cosmetics bronzer

100% Pure fruit pigmented luminzer

Chi Chi talc & paraben free lip liner in totally nude

LUMA Cosmetics lip gloss in nude shimmer

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Michelle x

Cruelty Free, Affordable Makeup Brush Dupes // Artis Oval Brushes/Real Techniques/Zoeva

You can never have too many makeup brushes. If you’re busy (and lazy) like me, cleaning brushes doesn’t happen as often as it should, so having a few spare clean brushes to grab when I’m in a hurry is always helpful!

Building up your brush collection can be expensive, with most well-known brands charging $20 upwards for individual brushes and over $100 for small sets. Don’t get me wrong, more often than not you get what you pay for, but it’s not realistic for everyone to justify spending hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes.

I’d been on the hunt for more affordable options for quite some time, when the girls from My Makeup Brush Set contacted me to see if I’d like to trial some of their products (great timing!). The first set that caught my attention was their 10 piece Oval Brush Set. If you’re not familiar with oval brushes, the original set by Artis Brush start at $35USD per brush and upwards of $300 for a set. The brushes are beautiful and the quality looks fantastic, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to drop that much money on a brush set at this point in time.

I decided to trial “The Midas Touch” 10 piece oval brush set, which is currently priced at $39.99 from My Makeup Brush Set. I also received 2 more sets that appear to be dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection and Zoeva brush collection.

The brush sets arrived in 3 separate pouches, one which I’m particularly in love with! It’s a beautiful pink/rose gold combination that really compliments the brushes and will come in handy when travelling. In addition to the affordability, another big positive for me is the fact that these brushes are all cruelty free.

In regards to the quality, I talk about this in more detail in the first impressions video. I will mention briefly that they are extremely soft, however a few of the brushes were a little faulty. In particular, a couple of the real techniques dupes were not glued together properly at some of the joining points and you can see some of the glue. You can also tell that they are made from cheaper plastic material, as they are very light weight in comparison to the originals. Despite these minor imperfections, they are still usable and feel amazingly soft on the skin.

Being a little different, I decided to film a full first impression using all 10 oval brushes to complete an entire makeup look. Click the video below for my full first impression/review.

Have you tried any of the oval brushes or know of any other affordable/cruelty free brushes that we should know about?

Michelle x

Soft Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial // La Mav Organic Vegan Eyeshadows

Today’s tutorial is a soft bronze smokey eye using organic vegan eyeshadows from La Mav. I’ve also added soft peach to the lips, one of my favourite colour combinations for Spring. I hope you enjoy the video!

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***Products Used***

La Mav Organic BB Creme

La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation Powder

RMS Beauty “un” cover-up concealer in 22 & “un” powder

Alima Pure Highlighter in Lumina

La Mav Vegan Mineral Eyeshadows

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Primer

Zuii Organic Lipstick in Sheer Peach

La Mav Sunkissed Bronzer

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

Inika Eyeliner in White Crystal

Jane Iredale Brow Gel