First Impression: Lashfood | Browfood 24H Tri-Feather Pen



A brow pen that gives natural looking brows whilst promoting brow rejuvenation? Yes please!

I’ve never been a fan of “Instabrows”. I like my brows bold, but I also want them to look like hair, not like I’ve used a permanent marker to draw them on. I’ve been searching for a low toxin brow pen for quite a while so was really excited to try this product.

The Lashfood Browfood 24H Tri-Feather Brow Pen gives a natural, hair-like finish and the staying power is incredible. It’s best to use this product on clean brows, so make sure you fill them in before foundation or wipe them clean after you’ve finished your base.

The pen is also versatile regarding application, you can apply using all 3 prongs or turn it onto it’s side for a more precise application. It took me a little while to get used to how much pressure to use and which angle to go in at but I was really impressed after my first use.


For a full first impression please click the video below.


Skincare Review: Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Masque


As my skin has matured I’ve found myself gradually moving away from clay based skin treatments. When I was younger I couldn’t get enough of them, but my not so youthful skin has gradually become more prone to dryness and less to breakouts. So, I’ve had to alter my skincare to accommodate.

I’ve always been drawn to Grown Alchemist. There’s something about their name and the simplicity of their neutral toned packaging that has kept them in the back of my mind, but I was yet to try any of their products.

I don’t know why, but the first product I decided to trail was the Deep Cleansing Masque. A deep cleansing clay masque, it is formulated with natural ingredients to detoxify the skin while improving skin firmness.

After using this 1-2 times per week over the past few weeks I can safely say this is unlike any other clay masque I’ve tried. It’s quite a thin consistency and doesn’t tighten uncomfortably to the point of cracking as it dries. Yes, my skin feels cleaner and firmer after use, but the thing that impressed me the most is that it does this without over-drying. My skin actually feels hydrated after I use this mask!

One of the more affordable skin treatments in their product range, this is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a purifying mask that won’t dry out your skin.

How to make your eyes bigger | Makeup for Hooded Eyes


Having hooded eyes, deep set eyes or ageing skin can be frustrating when working with eyeshadow. There’s a few simple techniques you can follow to assist with eyeshadow application and achieving the illusion of larger eyes.


Base is essential

Applying an eyeshadow primer will assist with seamless blending and gives your eyeshadow something to hold on to. No more shadow lines in your crease!


Build your own crease

Using a neutral, matte eyeshadow, softly build colour into and above the crease. When you are happy with the colour, apply light eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. If you have hooded eyes you can “cut your crease” by applying the lighter eyeshadow above your natural crease line. This will give the illusion of a larger lid and bigger eyes (see video below for more info).


Keep the waterline light

If you have small eyes, applying black eyeliner to your waterline will close them in even further. Opt for a white or nude coloured liner to open up the eye.


Lashings of mascara

Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara. If you can’t live without falsies, make sure they are light with an invisible band so they don’t add too much weight to your eye and take away from your eyeshadow.



***Products used***

Nude by Nature Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Primer

La Mav Vegan Mineral Eyeshadows

Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner in White Crystal

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eye Palette

Summer Skincare Favourites | Natural & Organic Skincare

Summer calls for a change in skincare. An increase in sun exposure, sweating and air-conditioning can lead to skin damage, dehydration and congestion. Read on to see which products have beat the heat for me this summer.



Sun Bum SPF30 Original Spray Sunscreen

Sunscreen in a spray can is so convenient. No more rubbing sand into your sweaty, sticky skin. Water resistant, gluten free and vegan, this not only smells good, but is good for you! Tried and tested in the hot Queensland sun, it protects well.


Like to tan but don’t want to risk the burn? Get the best of both worlds with this nourishing coconut oil sunscreen. Formulated with tinosorb®s, which is the safest and most efficient broad-spectrum UVA & UVB filter available. Botanical oils also produce a long-lasting film of sun protection on the skin.


Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

Sometimes a moisturiser just isn’t enough. This deeply nourishing oil leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. To target cellulite and increase circulation, invest in the suction cup.

Swisse Argan Body Cream

Affordable and nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. This also smells incredible. Great for everyday use in the warmer months.


Indah Konjac Cleansing Sponge

I’ve never been a fan of harsh scrubs that have the potential to scratch the delicate skin on your face. This charcoal infused konjac sponge gently removes dead skin and excess oil without stripping or damaging your skin.

Bonum Vitae Anti-aging Oil

This lightweight face oil is a fantastic substitute for rosehip oil. Lightweight and non greasy, it brightens the complexion with vitamins A, B, C & E.

Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream

Offering SPF30 protection and a sheer tint, this is super affordable and perfect for everyday wear in the warmer months. Don’t let the colour fool you, it may seem dark, but almost disappears into the skin on application.

Want more information on the above products? Click on my video review below!

How to conceal under eye dark circles naturally


Concealing your under eye area doesn’t always have to involve heavy highlighting and baking. Whilst this is great for special occasions and photography, I prefer to take more of a natural approach for everyday coverage.

You can achieve effective, natural results using these 5 simple steps.

  1. Prep the skin. Ensuring your eye area is well hydrated will reduce the appearance of dry, patchy makeup.
  2. Invest in a colour correcting concealer. For dark circles, peach coloured concealers are most effective. Just remember that you only need to apply this on the area of skin that needs correcting, you don’t need to apply this to your entire under-eye area.
  3. Apply a light coat of your favourite skin coloured concealer to even out the remaining under-eye area.
  4. Blend gently using a beauty blender or your finger, this will give the most natural finish.
  5. Finish with a light dusting of translucent powder by patting it onto the concealed areas.

Want a demonstration? Click the video below!




RMS Beauty “un” cover-up concealer in 22

RMS Beauty “un” powder

Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer

Oval Makeup Brushes